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Selfie HQ does Christmas in June!

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We don’t like to say it… But we’re planning for Christmas!

Last year we were just starting out as a cool brand for creative kids; we had a small range of Colouring In Tops designed around the themes that children love, such as pirates, superheroes, unicorns and space. A year later and what was then a kitchen table business, has tuned into a brand, which employs four people and a premises to boot! Our range has increased and now includes pyjamas and dress up capes. It’s super exciting news for us, but things have become so much more serious. I mean, this time last year I had no idea what a MOQ, FSDU of VTR was and my biggest concern was understanding the mechanics of Instagram! Thank goodness for having friends in retail and of-course Google if all-else fails!

Now we have to plan, plan and plan. Today we have started working on our Christmas rota, as all our tops are hand made and packaged here in Newmarket. We have finalised our Christmas designs and had a blast at our festive photo-shoot. I will leave our Christmas designs as a surprise but here is a sneak peak of our Christmas photo shoot.

A huge thanks to all the Selfie HQ kids and Ralph and Co for location and props… watch this space!

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