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New range of colour me in T-shirts: Cactus Vs Flamingo

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It seems to be that the world has gone crazy for Unicorns! Our Unicorn colour me in T-shirt and super Unicorn Cape is still our best selling design …. BUT as brands scramble to bring anything from Unicorn pens  to Unicorn cake to the market, are they overlooking the next big trend?

For us, this summer is going to be about the Cactus and Flamingo! – Both unisex themes, appealing to boys and girls alike. When we create a new design, one of our favourite things is seeing how the Selfie HQ kids react to our new designs; after all they are the inspiration behind the brand! Inspired by the new Pirates of The Caribbean Movie, Theo turned his Flamingo Top into pirates by customising the birds with eye patches, peg legs and weapons… Boys will be boys, hey!

Abbi choose a dotty and stripy cacti design to colour in. Abbi took no time at all, carefully planning her design using the practice sheet before putting the permanent fabric pens to task.

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