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A QVC Sell Out!

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A QVC Sell Out!

asked us to design a range of Selfie tops for their viewers, which would offer an ‘alternative’ Easter gift. We were unsure if the public were ready to say farewell to the traditional Easter egg, so we were pleasantly surprised that when we went live, we sold out! Their viewers are so supportive of our brand. It’s great as we get to demonstrate to viewers live on air all the different techniques and colour combos that kids can apply when creating their tops!

We went for two designs this year, using two of our favourite characters – bunnies and dinosaurs! We created the bunny design with the idea that aspiring fashion designers would enjoy styling their own bunny, with fun bows and sunglasses in lovely colours. Our other design is for the little dinosaur fans, where they can colour everything from a velociraptor to a wooly mammoth!

Check out all our 5 star reviews on QVC! The viewers, we understand, are incredibly discerning, so their positive feedback really is a big high five. Thanks guys!

QVC Sell Out