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What will your child be when they grow up?

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What will your child be when they grow up?


When you were little did you have any wacky, weird, and wonderful dreams of a career when you grew up? I went through phases of wanting to be a teacher, a performer, an astronaut, you name it, I wanted to be one one day!

Here at Selfie, we love inspiring children (and adults!) to fuel their imagination and take on different characters during playtime, and while they are colouring in their top it even results in a bit of quiet time!

We have the following tops which can also double up as fancy dress costumes:

We’d love to see the finished tops, pjs and capes, or even your child playing their game, so tag us on Instagram or Facebook @Selfie_Clothing.

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Our full range of Colour In Clothing for kids is all about enhancing imagination and pride, so why not take a look at all our designs?!  Click here to view the full range.

Superhero Cape