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Dare To Dream Embellishment Patch Kit

Includes 29 iron on embellishments, transfer paper, instructions and a super handy hints & tips sheet.

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Get your creative crew in the designer spirit with our iron on embellishment set, complete with 29 iron-on unique embroidered patches, gems. studs, glow in the dark lightning bolts and metallic hearts. All designed by the Selfie Clothing Co.

Customise your jeans, jacket, bag and pencil case to create your own look and style, no sewing required!

This beautifully packaged set makes the perfect gift and contains everything kids and adults need to make their very own style statement.

The set includes:

-29 iron on embellishments that include, embroidered patches, metallic stars, glow in the dark patches, studs and gems. All is dreamy designs.

– Transfer paper and instructions.