colour in top for kids with insects
colour in top for kids with insectscolour in top for kids with insects and the number 6 written on the frontcraft kids for kids in a boxpresent for kids gift wrapped
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Insects Colour In Top

Includes 1 long-sleeved top, 6 fabric pens and a practice sheet

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Get creative with colour in creepy crawlies.

This beautifully packaged children’s colour in, creative kit includes; a long-sleeved round neck top, six fabric colour in pens and a colour in practice sheet available for ages 2-10.

The lightweight jersey blend top features a unique insects colour in design, ready for your little ones to get creative with. The fabric pens use high-quality UV ink which can be air cured for 24 hours or ironed by a parent. The colours will not fade and can be worn time and time again.

The products are designed, handprinted in the UK exclusively for the Selfie Clothing Co. The perfect gift for any child with a creative edge or a group activity for parties or play dates.

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