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7 Christmas Gifts for Kids

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7 personalised Christmas gifts for kids that are perfect for all creative minds. The ideal festive presents for children that double as a rainy day activity!


Personalised Tops

Llama top

If your little ones are into llamas, why not surprise them with a beautifully designed llama top, complete with cactuses and llamas to colour in. Have them create their own colourful friends, and rest assured there’ll be no drama with these llamas!

Dinosaur top

Whether your child’s favourite dinosaur is a stegosaurus or a brontosaurus, they can get involved by adding colour to a multitude of roaring creatures on this dinosaur top! Your little dinosaur fan will be over the moon with this gift that encourages crafting and creativity.

Unicorn T-shirt

Go on a mystical adventure with your little unicorn enthusiast with this creative colour-in top featuring rainbows, shooting stars, shiny diamonds and mystical unicorns! Your child can really bring this design to life with fantastic high-quality fabric pens and the magic of colour and creativity.

Creative Pyjamas

Football pyjamas

Watch little faces light up with excitement with these fantastic football pyjamas. Featuring football players, footballs, trophies and emblems, these pyjamas are the perfect gift for creative football lovers.

Mermaid pyjamas

Ideal for ocean-inspired fairy tale adventures, the mermaid colour-in pyjamas feature a delightful design including mermaids, shells, turtles, seahorses and fish! Your little ones will be transported to an underwater adventure and can live out their dreams of being a dazzling sea maiden!

Superhero & Wizard cape

Superhero capes

Take your child on an epic adventure with this superhero inspired cape, which features a comic strip style design that’s action-packed and full of fun. Your child can zoom around just like their favourite hero in this super cape, acting out the most imaginative escapades. Bolt into an innovative escape with this colour in cape that sparks the creative spirit!

Wizard capes

Enrol the kids into a visionary school of witchcraft and wizardry with this wizard cape. Featuring broomsticks, cauldrons and all manner of spell-bound mischief, this design is sure to keep the kids entertained and feeling full of magic!

Personalised crafts for children from Selfie

Our lightweight jersey blend top, pyjamas and capes feature unique personalised designs, ready for your little ones to get creative with. The fabric pens use high-quality UV ink which can be air cured for 24 hours or ironed by a parent. The colours will not fade and can be worn time and time again.

The products are designed, handprinted in the UK exclusively for the Selfie Clothing Co. The perfect gift for any child with a creative edge or a group activity for parties or play dates.

For that perfect present, why not add our beautifully packaged gift wrap option?